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Cosmic Black Cat

Quartz Sphere

Quartz Sphere

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Crystal spheres are a fantastic way to enhance your spiritual growth and connect with the universe. The shape of crystal spheres allows the energy to radiate in all directions at once, invoking harmony and unity. It can be used for focusing thoughts during meditation. It can also be used for scrying; gaze into the ball to enhance your intuition and receive messages from the universe. Crystal spheres also have a place in the practices of Feng Shui and Chakra Healing.

Quartz is an amplifying stone. It is symbolic of the strengths of humans including their spirit and intellect.  This stone represents the full moon. On a pendulum, quartz is a tool that taps into the intuitive, psychic mind. Projective and receptive energy. Ruled by the Sun & Moon. Elements Fire & Water.

Buyer will receive one hand selected stone.

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