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Cosmic Black Cat

Paw Print Stone Carvings Car Vent Clips

Paw Print Stone Carvings Car Vent Clips

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Paw print stone carvings in Moss agate and Red Jasper. approx 1.2" Color and size may differ from stock photos.

Carry one to remind you of your pet or use in animal magic.

Moss Agate: Moss agate is the gardener's or nature lovers talisman because of its curious tree and moss like markings. It is used for healing and increasing energy. Spellwork involving money, happiness, and longevity are perfect for this stone. Receptive energy. Element Earth. Ruled by Mercury.

Red Jasper: Jasper is a stone of attraction; it is used to attract weather, health, beauty. Native American tribes call this stone “Rainbringer”. It is grounding and protects from hazardous situations. Ruled by Mars. Element Fire.

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