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Cosmic Black Cat

Obsidian Bastet Carving

Obsidian Bastet Carving

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Obsidian is volcanic glass. Magically it is grounding and centering and stimulates growth, acceptance, integrity, strength, and self-control. It is an excellent stone for protection from negativity.

Bastet, or Bast in an ancient Egyptian Goddess is the daughter of Ra and the eye of the sun & moon. She is associated with the lioness and the cat. She is the goddess of protection, blessing, home, fertility, pleasure, music, and dance. She is the protector of women, children, and domestic cats. 

Buyer will receive 1 hand-selected Bast obsidian carving.

Material: Obsidian.
Size: approximately 1.4*3in(3.5*7.5cm).

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