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Cosmic Black Cat

Natural Rough Pyrite Stone

Natural Rough Pyrite Stone

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Pyrite, also called "fools gold"  was used in ancient Mexico to make polished mirrors which may have been used in divination. They have also been used in Native American medicine bundles. And in China, the stone was used to protect against crocodile attacks. 

Pyrite is often associated with real gold and is used to draw wealth, money and luck. Use it with a green candle for a simple money drawing spell. A polished piece can be used to awaken the psychic powers. 

**Healing and other properties provided are for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace any medical or other professional advice or treatment. Some of the information provided is based on myth and folklore and may suggest some supernatural effects. However, we make no claims or guarantees to their properties and they are sold as curios only.**


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