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Herbana Witch (hc) by Cecilia Lattari

Herbana Witch (hc) by Cecilia Lattari

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Herbana Witch spans a full a year, beginning at the winter solstice and presents magical and healing practices, spirit animals, and subtle energies that change with the seasons. Each chapter begins with a suggestive description of the forest in a particular season. From there the author includes meditations, visualizations, and rituals and a seasonal recipe that can be prepared with the available ingredients from the forest. Instructions are included on how to select and use woodland herbs, how to transform them for personal use, and how to make such crafts as incense, soaps, and candles and much more. Open yourself to the wisdom of those who live on the edge of the forest and experience a magical world. A 6.8" x 9.5" Hardcover book with 160 pages

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