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Eye of Toad, LLC

Authentic New Orleans Hoodoo Chicken Foot Amulet / Black

Authentic New Orleans Hoodoo Chicken Foot Amulet / Black

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Introducing the New Orleans Hoodoo Chicken Foot Amulet - a powerful symbol of protection and spiritual cleansing, handcrafted to bring a touch of the bayou’s mystical charm right into your life. No two are the same. Each amulet spans an impressive 5-7 inches in length, featuring a real chicken foot at its core. The foot is intricately adorned with a selection of delicate feathers, thoughtfully selected to complement the amulet’s overall aesthetic and energy. These feathers gracefully emerge from the top of the foot, enveloped by a black leather wrap, creating a seamless blend of rustic charm and elegance. Your amulet arrives complete in a sealable bag with a hang tag, making it ready for display. Designed with versatility in mind, this amulet can be placed in a variety of locations – doorways, bedposts, rearview mirrors – ensuring protection is always within reach. Additionally, it serves as a unique tool for aura cleansing; simply brush it downward, a few inches away from the body.

At Eye of Toad we have a vision: specialize in providing a bewitching selection of gifts that are as unique and fun as you are! Each design we create celebrates what we know is true— it is fun to be a witch! Whether you're drawn to the enchanting energy of Salem, captivated by the mystical allure of New Orleans, or vibing with the transcendent energy of Sedona, we've got you covered. Step into our virtual realm and let the magic begin!

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