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Tillandsia Air Plants

Tillandsia Air Plants

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Nurture nature's magic by taking home a Tillandsia plant. Easy to care for and a beautiful addition to your home, these plants magically represent Medusa from Greek Mythology, who represents untamed nature and the feminine divine. She is a symbol of feminine power, transformation, and protection.

Different varieties of Tillandsia with different mountings. Cork bark, cholla wood, Amethyst/Quartz/Citrine crystals, glass with gemstone chips. 

Throughout the tropics, air plants attach themselves to the branches, trunks, and aerial roots of trees. This was the inspiration for this piece. These easy-going plants require bright, but indirect sunlight. Neutral tones complement any environment. Mount multiple arrangements in rows or columns to create a living wall. Plants range from 4-10 inches tall. 

Recommended glue for repairs is E-6000 and is available in our shop or from your local hardware store. Always use glue to the side of the plant and not directly on the root. Air plants in certain containers don't need glue including the cholla wood and glass containers. Find the glue here:

It is recommended to mist these plants often and give them a dunk in water once every one to two weeks. Continuous mist spray bottles are available from our shop here:

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